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Search And Filter Your Contests

The contest filters menu

Contests for Pages is almost 10 years old and we have many long time customers that created hundreds of contests over the last few years. We heard from these customers that it can be difficult and frustrating to find old contests. At 5 contests per page, it requires a lot of patience to browse back through all previous contests. Today we are happy to finally make it easier to search and filter contests.

How We Protect Your Contests From Scammers


If you run a popular online voting contest where there are prizes to be won, then there is a risk that scammers will try to rig the results in their favour. A quick Google search shows just how easy it is to buy contest votes off the internet. In this blog post, we explain the different mechanisms that we put in place to detect and prevent fraudulent votes.

New Features For Halloween 🎃


How did you celebrate Halloween in your country? Did you carve a pumpkin? Maybe you went trick-or-treating with your kids or had a costume-themed day at the office. In any case, Halloween is a great time to organize photo voting contests and we just launched new features to help you make it perfect!

A New And Improved Stats Page

The redesigned Stats Page

If you are a regular user, you probably noticed the stats page has changed quite a bit. You will find all the same statistics that helped you make better business decisions in the past, but in a new and improved layout. Here are a few novelties we think you will appreciate: