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4 Ways Contests Will Supercharge Your Marketing in 2020

Companies have been running giveaways as far back as the early 1850s, but this marketing tactic is by no means outdated. People are still attracted by the idea of winning something for nothing, only now social media gives us the tools to do this so much easier.

80% of marketers want to improve social media engagement in 2020, and what better way to engage your fans than with a contest or giveaway?

Running contests is a must for your marketing strategy in 2020, and today we’re sharing 4 reasons why we believe this to be true.

1. Contests attract relevant new fans and customers

Reaching new people and growing your audience on social media will help put your business in front of many new eyes. A contest is a great way to do something buzz-worthy that generates digital word of mouth.

Just make sure that the prize you’re offering is relevant for the type of people that you want to attract to your business. The typical iPad giveaway will attract just about anyone, so choose a prize from your business.

Running a gift card to your own business or offering a free service of yours as a giveaway is the best way to attract people that actually are interested in what you have to offer.

Then, once the contest is over, you will have many new fans (and email subscribers!) that you can continue to build a relationship with.

2. Contests help you collect email addresses to grow your list

Did you know that the average return of email marketing is $44 per every $1 spent? There’s a reason why marketers say “the money’s in the list”. Email has proven to be one of the most effective marketing channels for any size business. Growing an email list, however, is getting more and more difficult as consumers get more protective of their ever-overflowing inboxes.

A great place to start with growing your list is the lowest hanging fruit -- your existing social media audiences. And running a contest is hands down the easiest way to encourage those fans and followers to submit their email address.

Audiences need multiple touch points with your business before they start to consider your message. Being able to reach your audiences on social media AND email provides a variety of channels for your marketing, making it that much more effective.

3. Contests let you show appreciation for and re-engage existing fans

Let’s not forget about your existing audience. Your current fans will enjoy getting to participate in the contest, rewarding them for having liked your page, and providing another positive interaction with your brand. It may even prompt them to share the contest with a friend.

44% of social media users say they follow a brand to enter a contest or get a discount. By providing contests to your audience regularly, you’re offering a fun way for them to stay engaged with your page.

4. You can “Boost” Contests for even more reach

Unfortunately, organic reach on Facebook doesn’t go very far, with most businesses needing to pay to play in order to get their content seen. And if you’re like many businesses, you’ve spent money on Boosting posts that didn’t seem to have any actual measurable business results.

Boosting contests, however, can take the viral nature of a good giveaway and help amplify it. When you boost your contest, more people participate in it, which means you’re attracting new page fans and email addresses, and growing awareness of your business. Much more effective than getting a bunch of “likes” on that post about your new store hours.

We’ve made a pretty compelling case for the “why” of running contests, but what about the “how”?

Our Contest app for Facebook is the most trusted app to publish contests on your Facebook page, and it’s incredibly simple to use too.

Mashable called it “the most customizable and easiest to use of the available options”. You can create your contest and have it published on your Facebook page in just a few minutes (no really!). You can even embed the contest on your website.

We’ve also done the work to make sure your contest is compliant with Facebook’s terms of service (because no one wants to read through all that!).

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