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How To Create a Facebook Photo Like Contest

We are excited to announce a new photo album contest app to help you manage photo contests from your Facebook page. A photo contest is most often done in two separate stages. A first stage for submitting the photos and a second stage for voting.

With the regular contest app, you can create a participation form where people enter their information and submit a picture (example). Once the submission stage ends, the voting can be set up with another form with a multiple choice question where each choice is a photo (example).

However if you have dozens of pictures or if you want followers to stay on your Facebook page, you might want to run a photo album contest instead. Here we uploaded photos of houses decorated with Christmas lights to a page album. We ask our followers to vote for their favorite one by simply liking the picture.

Now you could very well tally the likes for each picture manually. But once you have dozens or hundreds of pictures in the album, this can quickly get out of hands. That's where the app becomes useful. It will collect all the photos from the album and display the likes count with percentages in a simple bar chart. Now you can easily see which photo is getting the most number of likes. Another useful feature is the draw of a winner among voters. This way you can encourage voters to participate by rewarding them with a prize.

Likes chart of the album photos

Give the photo album contest app a try today. You just select your page and album from a dropdown list and the app will do the rest!