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Bulk Import Options for Multiple-Choice Questions

When adding a multiple-choice question to a contest, it can be tedious to create each option and type in the different choices. Today we are introducing a new feature to make it easier to import many options at once. When creating a question, look for the "+ Bulk Import" link. When you click that link, a popup opens with a text box where you can type in or paste many options at once.

Create Polls, Contests and Quizzes from your Enterprise Account

Today we have great news for our Enterprise subscribers. When you click the "+ New" button to create a new promotion, you will see a menu asking you to choose how you would like to interact with your audience. You can select one of the following: poll, contest or quiz. This gives you access to all our apps from a single account.

Introducing IP-Based Location

You might have noticed that a new location field was added to the participants page and in the Excel export. This data indicates participants current country, state and city. We use a database to match participants IP addresses with their actual...

Filtering results and answers

Would you like to know how men aged from 30 to 39 answered your poll? Export only the completed forms to Excel? Or draw a prize among participants who got all the right answers to your quiz? It's now possible using Search Filters.

How To Make A Referral Contest

In this tutorial, we show you how to setup a referral contest using the Contests for Pages app.

But first, what is a referral contest? It's simply a contest where participants get an additional chance to win for each friend they refer. A referred friend is someone who entered the contest through an invitation sent by another participant. It encourages participants to share the contest by inviting as many friends as possible in order to increase their chances to win.

Track The Origins Of Your Participants

The contest app lets you easily track the origin of each participant. You can access this data from the Stats page and the Excel export. Here is for example what the actual pie chart might look like: